Head Coach:Ashley Ateira

Phillip O. Berry Academy Of Technology

Rising 9th Grade Student Athletes can begin workouts June 17th


Every Tuesday & Thursday


Starting Tuesday June 11, 2013


During July there will be cheerleading workouts on

the 16th and 17th and the week of the 22nd-31st Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:00am-10:00am

Auditions will be held August 1- 2, 8:00am-10:00am

Attire for all workouts and Auditions will be White top with Black Bottom!!!

(please wear leggings or compression shorts under all cheer shorts)

All workouts will be held in the Auxiliary gym!!!


Welcome to the official webpage of the Phillip O. Berry High School Cheerleading Team. As a member of the Highly Spirited Cheer Program you will have the opportunity to be a part of the exciting Cardinal Athletic Program. “Cheerleading is a Sport!”
From cheering on our football team in front of 1,000 fans or more, to motivating the abundant cardinal basketball fans to the chant of “Let’s Go P-O-B”, the fun only begins there. The Gold (Varsity) and Red (Junior Varsity) squads are competitive cheer squads that are working diligently to bring new and exciting cheer routines to the Cardinal fans. Our goal is to compete annually at the NCHSSA competition in Raleigh, NC. Yes, come check us, we plan to bring it!
As a representative of the Phillip O. Berry High School cheerleading team you will be a part of a dynamic family that practices leadership excellence every day! The next opportunity to join the Phillip O. Berry Cheer team will occur in early August, 2012, stay tuned to view the squads in action as our football season commences.
Thank you for visiting the site and if you have any inquiries about the POB Cheer program email Ashley Ateria
or Renzeno Frazier at

Documents Required:
All candidates must have at least a 2.5 GPA, and have a copy of their current physical in order to participate. 2 Letters of Recommendation from current teachers are required if candidate makes it to the final cut.

Attire: White Athletic Top, Black Athletic Bottoms, (no shorts without leggings), no jewelry, or midriff exposed. Athletic Shoes are required with socks, no canvas or athletic flip flops are allowed. Hair should be tied back off face, no baseball caps or hair wrapping accessories allowed. Come dressed as an excited athlete!

All candidates will be asked to leave the campus after tryouts, please secure transportation as candidates will not be asked to returned if located without supervision. (It is the candidates responsibility to ask a coach or teacher for permission to remain afterwards with a staff member until parent arrives and the candidate should do so.)

Candidates will not be able to participate if she received two or more referrals, ISS, or OSS this school year.

Candidates who are selected to represent Phillip O. Berry High School as a "Cheer" "LEADER" will be required to purchase cheer shoes, bag, warm-up suit, winter accessories, bows, etc... This is an estimated cost of $250 and will be due the next week after tryouts. It is the candidates responsibility to keep their parents inform.

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The coach and administration will take disciplinary actions, if the guidelines set forth by the Charlotte Mecklenburg School’s athletic code and these guidelines are not followed. Please bring a signed copy (parent and cheerleader) of this guideline to the first tryout session.
1. Tryout Practices will be held at the time and place appointed by the coaches according to the school program. Candidates are expected to be dressed in proper uniform, hair up, no jewelry and correct shoes for the activity. Cheerleaders must be ready to practice on time.
2. Candidates are expected not to hold a job that will interfere with any cheerleading activities. If a job is necessary, make sure it works around your cheerleading schedule.
3. Candidates with grade point averages below 2.0 will not be able to participate.
4. CONSUMPTION of drugs, alcohol, tobacco products or remaining in the presence of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco products at a party or gathering will result in loss of uniform privileges for the remainder of the season or determined by the coach, parents, and cheerleader.
5. Absolutely NO show of affection while in uniform or while in pursuit of becoming a POB Cheerleader. You are representing yourself as well as your team members. Some explicit actions out of uniform in regular clothes can be disciplined, as YOU are known as a cheerleader for our school.
6. Cheerleaders are expected to be in appropriate, clean uniforms for school practice and games, competitions, and events. Jewelry (safety) / all other non- uniform clothing shall not be worn. Excessive problems will result in dismissal from tryouts.
7. Friends and parents will not be allowed into tryout practice sessions. It is expected that parent will notify coaches of any intention to attend a practice.
8. It is expected that parents will support the POB Cheer program and not promote negativity. This will not only effect the cheerleader but the entire team.
9. Uniforms are OWNED by the Phillip O. Berry HS. They are to be maintained correctly by each cheerleader. If lost, abused the replacement cost must be paid for by the student who is assigned to that uniform. (Uniforms are difficult to replace because of frequent style changes by the manufactures.)
Cheerleaders will be present ONE hour prior to and until 10 minutes after each game. Cheerleaders must stay with the team, unless given permission by the coaches.

  • Cheerleaders must meet the team and coaches at ONE hour prior to the game.
  • Cheerleader must remain with coaches after school.


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