Head Coach:Temi Halverson Womens' Coach

Head Coach: Korey A. Gaddy Mens' Coach
Matches Begin At 4:00
Tennis workouts will start June 18th from 6:00 - 7:30 PM.
Tuesdays and Thursdays

Athletes should bring:
Physical forms completed
Water bottles
Tennis racket


Cardinal Tennis
Practice session requirements:
  1. Wear t-shirts with round neck and gym shorts or pants, or tennis skorts.
  2. No halter, bathing suit tops are allowed.
  3. Comfortable tennis shoes.
  4. Tennis racket
  5. Water bottle
  6. Sunblock
You are responsible to arrange for transportation to and from workout sessions.

Please have your sports physical turned in by 1st day of practice. You will not be able to practice after this date without the form completed.

The forms cam be printed from the Phillip O. Berry Academy website and there are several clinics, including some CVS Pharmacies, Emergency clinics, etc. Please call for prices and availability.

Thank you.